Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pleasing God

Pleasing God by R.C. Sproul is a worthy spiritual resource for anyone who desires to align their life with the Word of God. Readers will walk away with a clear understanding of what is expected from those who would claim to be a Christian.
What does right thinking look like? What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit? What enemies are at war within us? What evidence can we look for in our lives to show we are, indeed, pleasing God in all we do?
These questions are answered along with many more. Sproul also touches on various issues such as conversion, forgiveness, pride, integrity, laziness, carnal Christianity, doctrines of faith and many more key subjects. Simply said, Pleasing God is an all-encompassing guide through the process of sanctification in the believer’s life.
Pleasing God consistently points readers to the Word of God—knowing it as well as believing it. Without knowledge of the Bible, a person cannot understand how to please God.
Pleasing God is not overly-complicated or lengthy. It presents truth in an easy-to-understand manner. Readers will come  away from this book with a changed motivation to actively pursue God, put Him first, know His Word more, and persevere in pleasing God in every aspect of life.

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