Saturday, May 2, 2015

All the Places You Will Go

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From the back of the book:

Rarely in the Bible does God command someone to “stay”.  He opens a door and invites us to walk through it-into the unknown.  And whether we stay or go will ultimately determine the kind of life we’ll live and the kind of person we’ll become.  But it’s not just one door.  God paces lots of open doors in front of us every day.  For those who recognize them and choose to walk through, life becomes a divine adventure.  And those who don’t well…. Not only are they missing out on all the amazing work God wants them to do through them!

I believe that life is made up of choices, and we must choose from what we will wear that morning ng to what will I do with my life.   We have small choices and big choices to make.

God does open and close doors for us, and it is up to us to discern whether or not we will go through that door, or to leave it shut.  The author asks us to summarize our life with six words, what would yours be?  Mine would be I am blessed.    One aspect that Mr. Ortberg brings up is that when God does open a door, it doesn’t mean that life will be easy, that things will go smoothly.   
One thing to remember is to pray about every opportunity that comes.   If you listen He will either give you peace of mind about it, or give you a feeling of uneasiness. 
I thought the book would be a lot different, and honestly it wasn’t what I was expecting.

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