Monday, April 8, 2013

Organic Outreach for Families

The Harneys’ book, Organic Outreach for Families, addresses some questions as a Christian parent: How do you reach in to disciple your children and help them develop their own personal and real relationship with Jesus Christ?  And then how do we as a family reach out to our community with the love and witness of Jesus? So often this is a difficult balance.  We want to protect our children from worldly influences and keep them safe, so we crumple inward.  Sometimes that means we associate only with Christians—church, private or home schooling, Christian clubs, Christian activities. 
On the other hand, we can engross ourselves so much in our community and neighborhoods, focusing on outreach neglecting  the discipleship and character formation of our own families.  We can raise our children up in a spiritual nothingness, neglecting to teach them God’s Word.   We  talk about God’s Word on a Sunday morning ride home from church, but our behavior  doen’t show what we are teaching. 
Each chapter ends  with a brief synopsis, highlighting the points and even giving some tips on how to apply this to your family.    Whether your focus currently is teaching your own children about God, reaching your extended family, or sharing Jesus with your community, this book will help you make that a way of life.   Organic Outreach for Families is an excellent missional book with a focus on assisting families in living out the Great Commission through  opportunities of daily life. This book is an inspirational how-to guide filled with attainable practical ideas of how to share the light and love of Jesus with your children, family and community.
The Harneys describe the beauty of homes that shine the light of Jesus:
"Every lighthouse home will look a bit different, but they will all have one thing in common. They will be places where Jesus is King, where his love is present, and where the Holy Spirit is at work. A lighthouse home is a place where the amazing grace of God is felt and the saving message of Jesus is heard. It's a place where the glow of God's light is strong and people are drawn to the Savior. Homes like this can change a community, a state, a nation, even the world."
Organic Outreach for Families is an outstanding book that will motivate your family to be the salt and light of Jesus to your own family and your community. If you wish for your family to live missionally, while sharing the gospel and impacting those around you for God's Kingdom, this book will drive you forward with Biblical encouragement and practical ideas. If you have interest in ministering with your family, to a broken world that desperately needs Jesus, you will enjoy reading this book!   This book is a great resource that will help you take your family to the next level, not only of knowing God, but of becoming a loving, caring family for all who come in contact with it!

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