Friday, October 26, 2012

Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven
Ray ComfortJeffrey Seto

This is a wonderful book, that I would recommend to anyone; especially those homeschooling. 
A full color, detailed photograph accompanies a two page spread of text, the book briefly covers a specific animal or element in nature and how it results in better and more advanced technology.  The book surveys over 30 different inventions and technologies and how their design was inspired by something completely natural.  How the glow of cat’s eyes innovates road reflectors The naturally sticky inspirations for Velcro and barbed wire A fly’s ear, the lizard’s foot, the moth’s eye, and other natural examples are inspiring improvements and new technologies in our lives.
We are surrounded daily by scientific advancements that have become everyday items, simply because man is copying from God’s incredible creation, without acknowledging the Creator. The authors also show that where scientists fall short, then the solution can be found through a careful look at God's natural creations.  Even a simple object such as a flower or a wing has microscopic complexities beyond imagination.  Principles and physics formulas uncover their basis in God's designs.  This is not simply a book of worthless trivia and facts but rather it tells a story of how science and nature are created by an intelligent creator.

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