Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spiritual Simplicity

The central theme of the book is God’s love and how this translates into living a focused and simple life.  He writes “whatever you’re doing with your time and your life, you’re wasting it if you are not loving people.” Then he explains how God’s love moves through us into others.

The book is based on scripture and uses many examples of how God reveals His love to us. God interacts in love, and God is love. When we identify and focus on this using the methods detailed in the book, we find a life fixed in simplicity.

"Spiritual simplicity will be achieved by doing less because we love more." Over the next eight chapters --- all bearing titles of popular love songs --- he expands on that one idea in innumerable ways by explaining what it means to truly love others and showing the power that loving others can have on your own life.
Ingram treats the word "love" as a verb, and an active verb at that. Early on, he makes it clear that throughout the book, his use of the word "love" is identical with "God's love" and bears little similarity to the way the word is used in casual conversation or a romantic situation. The kind of love Ingram describes is a gutsy, courageous and insistent act based on a decision of the will. Ingram wraps it all up with a chapter titled "Love Train (Get on Board)” Here, Ingram transforms the image into a picture of God's "love train," which has moved throughout history to bring life and love to the people of the world. He extends the symbol to illustrate how getting on board this train can't help but simplify your life.
Spiritual Simplicity is a must read for everyone.  It will help us rethink why we do things, and to think more of others.   I also recommend the Small Group study, with the DVD.  This will make a great Bible Study and Small group series.

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