Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What the Amish Can Teach Us About the Simple Life

This book contained some solid advice on how we can learn from the Amish lifestyle.   Although the author is not living this lifestyle,   you can glean some interesting information.    I did have some concerns with the author bringing up the rumspringa, as most Amish communities now don’t allow the rumspringa.   
I enjoyed the thoughtful insights as to how to “make do”, something that most people just don’t do anymore; along with the other interesting ideas of homemade cleaners.   I don’t think that the husbandry section was necessary in this book, as most readers won’t be living in that sort of lifestyle.  I would recommend that the author write a second book on this subject alone.
 I have personally used the resources in the back and find that they are helpful to those that are serious about living the plain and simple lifestyle.
All in all this is a good book that will teach you how to live without the world’s influence in your life, and we have a lot to learn from these people.

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